Print quality is our number one priority.  We print only on real cold press watercolor paper, making the printed copies literally identical to the original, a difference you can feel.  Even as the artist, I have to be careful not to mix them up, I can't always tell the difference between my own originals and the prints.  The only part that doesn't duplicate well in the printer are the silver and gold paints, so to keep them as true to life as possible, I hand paint any metallic details back onto the prints.  Can you see a difference between the print and the original picture?

Please keep in mind that due to the water solubility of ink and watercolor paint, especially on porous watercolor paper, paintings and prints are not safe from water.  Something as simple as a sneeze can cause damage, always display your print in a glass front frame.


Hello!  I'm Sandra (pronounced Sondra), the artist behind Daydreamer + Co.  I am working on my lifelong dream of making a living with my art, and by lifelong, I mean it has been my goal since I was 5.  However, being a mermaid was a close second.  I have been drawing and painting ever since, including community classes at West Chester University throughout elementary and middle school summers, AP classes in high school, and as a fine art major at Saint Joseph's University.  It is my passion, my hobby, my work, and my life.

I am also a mom of two amazing little girls, have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth, and try to spend as much of my time outside as possible, especially in the mountains.  I have been a professional fine art photographer since 2009, check out Sandra Bellante Photography!